Industry City Studio,NYC 2013, Photo by FIN Magazine 

Torild Stray has held exhibitions of her art work in New York and Norway since the early 1990s.Her vision and commitment as a painter has brought her critical acclaim and a strong international following of collectors. She has been the recipient of many awards and scholarships, including The Angus Gund Scholarship, The New York Times Scholarship, The Scandinavian Society Cultural Award, a Charles Revson Fellowship and The Lower Manhattan Cultural Council Artist in Residence Program where she was granted permission to paint New York City from the 91st floor & 85th floor of the Twin Towers. Following extensive travels in South East Asia, Stray attended The University of Bergen, The Nordic School of Art in Finland and The New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture.

Stray currently resides and works in Bergen, Norway where she holds an active studio .She divides her time between Norway and New York, where she plays an active part in the local arts community.

Stray is an authentic painter dealing with subtle, raw and deeply human subject matters in her work and through timeless and tangible figurations in oils and charcoal  etc making powerful heeling images that crystelize over time. Quote : “Through years of drawing and painting from the human figure, I have developed a platform to explore my vision and a tool to transform that vision into paint, color and light. I am constantly striving to uncover new meanings and other dimensions by working with space, scale, depth, surface, color/shape transitions, and positive and negative forms. Similar to a dream, painting for me is an active dialog between the unconscious and the conscious where new form starts to emerge with a life of its own, charged with content. This content reveals the expression of new form in Art; figurative, yet abstract and metaphorical. With this language, the image can transcend the individual human experience, and express the rawest aspects of the human condition with powerful meaning.”

Currently Stray is working on a series of Scull paintings in her Bergen studio and  a series of large scale “cityscape / figurescapes/landscapes”  paintings and drawings. Besides regular studies of the figure Stray just completed a large scale painting commission.She is involved with ‘an out in the landscape’ ongoing art project at Radøy Art Center,outside Bergen. On a regular basis Stray is also painting and studying NYC skyline from rooftops in Brooklyn, New York.