Time Line

Torild Stray
One Person Exhibitions

2017: April 23rd: B- Open , Open Studio at Norsk Stålpress Studios, Bergen,Norway
2016 Showreel Obscura -A Hundred One Artworks by Torild Stray, Audiovisuals by Kenneth G. Wikdahl
Prosjektrommet Kunstgarasjen 25/11-18/12
2015 Scapes & Skulls New Paintings & Intaglio prints,Gallery Langegaarden, Bergen, Norway
2014 Prosessen, Gallery Neptun VISP, May 10 – June 21,co-curated by Bjørn Inge Follevaag Norway
2013 Time Warp, New paintings & NYC Drawing, Bergen Contemporary Art Project Space, Bergen Kjøtt
2012 New Prints, The Element event space, hosted by Taryn Slocum, New York, NY
2011 Metamorphosis, Prints & New Paintings, Gallery Ø, Tvedestrand, Norway
2010 Eruption , New Paintings, Gallery Langegaarden, Bergen, Norway
2008 Access, Gallery A,Oslo,Norway
2006 Transformations, Gallery Langegaarden, Bergen, Norway
2005 Recent Paintings, Gallery A, Oslo, Norway
2003 Black Out, Gallery A, Oslo, Norway
2001 Anna K Gallery, Gramercy, New York
Galleri 27, Oslo, New York Metamorphosis,large scale wtc work installation
1998 Floor 85, NYC, Steem Gallery, New York
1996 New Paimtings,Bouhlou, Gallery, Bergen,Norway
The Wall Gallery,curated by Sabrina Fierman, New York University

Selected Group Exhibitions

2017 Selected Drawings, Kunstgarasjen
2017 Group Show , Sideshow Gallery Brooklyn, NY
2016 Maleri Maleri Maleri, 8 contemporary painters, Kunstgarasjen,Bergen Oct 7 – Nov 13
2016 INFERNO PART I & II Curated by Raul Zamudio, Pristine Galeria,Mexico
2016 Kunstforum  at Lynx 1 day Exhibit: Art and Spirituality Lynx, Oslo, curated by Rasmus Hungnes og Josefine Lyche
2016 Salongen- room for Art-B-Open Exhibit with 6 artists based in Bergen,Norway
2016 Kunstforum Launch Exhibit:Art and Spirituality Lynx, Oslo, curated by Rasmus A Hungnes
2016 GroupShow Sideshow Gallery curated by Richard Tipiero, Brooklyn,NY
2015 April 2 – May 10 Sy Mishkin Gallery, Baruch College, Small Works curated by Richard Tempiero
Circle the Wagon, Sideshow Gallery Brooklyn, NYC
B-Open, Open Studios Norsk Stålpress Artist Studios, Bergen
2014 SCAPES I, 5 International local artists, Park Gallery ,Bergen
April 4 to 29 The Blackburn Exhange Show juried by Devraj Dakoji,
The Ink Shop printmaking Center Itacha, NY
Group show Live at The Alamo, at Sideshow Gallery, curated by R.Tempiero Brooklyn New York
2013 65 Malerier, group show Bergen Contemporary Art Project,Bergen Kjøtt,
Gallery NoSphere, Benefit Auction Exhibit
30 x 30 Show, Vox Gallery & Gallery Parken End of year show, Bergen
2012 Open Mic Group show at Sideshow Gallery, curated by R. Tempiero, Brooklyn New York
Holiday Show Group exhibition curated by Anne Sofie Bertelsen, Gallery Langegaarden
2011 ReForm Art, Bushwick Brooklyn NY curated by Anna Harrah
Mysterier,Joyce Goldstein Gallery, Chatham New York, Governors Island Art Fair, NY
18+1 curated by David Paulson, Brik Gallery Catskill, NY,
2010 Group show curated by Michael Conner, Marian Spore, an accumulative Museum of Contemporary
Art, Brooklyn, NY
2010 The Sweatest Thing, four artists at TL Gallery NYC,
LREI Art Auction Benefit, NYC
Nordic Mixed Media curated by Elfie Von Kantzow, Scandinavian Society, NY
It’s a wonderful 10th curated by Richard Tempiero, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
2009 Unfiltered building D, Governors Island 2nd Annual Art Fair, NYC
2008 Visions of The figure : From Where We Stand, curated by Elisa Jensen, Repetti Gallery, LIC NYC
Governors Island 1st Annual Art Fair, New York
A-laget, curated by Andreas Engelstad, Gallery A
Eros Nocturno curated by Roman Arbear. Jonathan Shorr Gallery,Soho, New York
2007 Things from your life,an exhibition in 3 homes, Jackson Heights, NY. Curated by Kelly Adams &
Paul Bloodgood
Art at Aspatuck, Curated by Eunice Miller,West Hampton, New York.
New York Studio School Benefit Exhibit, New York
2006 Speed Limit, an experiment:History of Women’s Art, curated by Seth Cameron, Redhead Project
Space, NY
2006 Art Basel Miami, Fountain Art fair, Myths of Ekte
2004 The Phantomb Limb, curated by Raul Zamudio, Unit B Gallery, Chicago
New York Studio School Ilumni Exhibition, curated by Judd Tully, Elisabeth Harris Gallery,Chelsea,
Three-person Show, curated by Jack Dunbar & Elisabeth Mac Donald, Washington Art Association,
Connecticut, New York
Winter Invitational, curated by Christina Chow, Painting Center, Soho, New York
2000 World Views, selected artists from World Trade Center Artists Recidency Nabisco Gallery, NJ
Urban Realities and Fantasies,Irving Sandler Curator,NYC
Bergen Kunsthalle, Juleutstilling
1999 Depiction, curated by Karen Wilkin, First Street Gallery, Soho, New York
1998 The Downtown Art Exchange Show, New York
Absolut Secret, David McKee Gallery, New York
1994 The Independent Biennial, Galeria en El Barrio, Alphabet City, New York
The Perceptual Pursuit, curated by Graham Nikson, Plaza Gallery, Fordham University, New York
Private Commissions
2014 Large scale painting, Hotel Neptun Lobby, Bergen
2013 Large scale painting for Private Residence Bergen
2007 Project for Impala Hedgefund Company, New York
2003 Large Cityscape Painting, Oslo
2000/01 Double Portrait Painting; Beatrice Renault and James Whitecross, New York
1999 Portrait Painting; John Bomhoff, CFO and Deputive Director, Guggenheim Museum 1999, New York
Portrait Painting of Sy Gort, Trustee at the New York Studio School 1994, New York

Grants / Awards

2014 Radøy Art Center Stipend
2010 The Foundation of 1949 for the Business Community of Bergen,Norway
City of Bergen Department for Art & Culture Stipend, Norway
2006 City of Bergen Art Stipend, Norway
City of Bergen Art Stipend, Norway
2001 The Royal Norwegian Consulate General, New York
1998/99 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, World Views, an Artist-in-Residence Program in the World
Trade Center, New York
1994 Sally Avery Scholarship. Scandinavian Society Cultural Price, New York
1992/93 Charles Revson Fellowship
Liv og Arnfinn Heies Stipend, Norway
1992 Agnes Gund Scholarship, New York
1991 New York Times Foundation, New York

Teaching & Lectures

2017 Upcoming : Intensiv Drawing Workshop , Spring & Fall Classes,Folkeuniversitetet,
2017 Upcoming: April 22nd:Drawing Marathon with Bergen Akt & Croquis,B- Open,Skostredet,Bergen
2016 Artist Talk, 3 artists currently showing at Kunstgarasjen
2016 Drawing -Workshop with the Figure conducted by Torild Stray & B-Open,Bergen,Norway
2015 Lectures, Form & Content / Artist Talk , Langegaarden Gallery May 2015
Private students Painting Workshop with the model, Bergen
2014 In conversation with curator Bjørn Inge Follevaag,Neptun Gallery Prosessen Exhibit
2012 Artist Lecture on my work ” Kunsten og livet og alt annet..” Bryggen Kunstskole, Fredagsakademiet
2004/07 Drawing and Painting Class for private students, Soho, New York

2008 : TStray translation, text by Øivind Lorentz Storm Bjerke: A Cultural History of the Avant -Garde in Nordic Contries 1900-1925
2001/03 Teaching Drawing, New York Studio School
2001 Drawing Marathon, Byggen Art School, Bergen


1990/94 New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting, and Sculpture
1988/90 Nordic School of Art, Kokkola, Finland
Acepted at Valand Art Academy Gothenburg, Sweden
1989 Arthistory and Examen Philosophicum, University of Bergen, Norway
1987/88 Strykejernet Art School, Oslo,Norway

Selected Public Collections

New York Federal Reserve Bank, New York
Rupert Murdoch Coll, New York
Philip Isler Coll, New York
Grieg Holding, Norway
Strømberg Gruppen, Norway
Birger Mowinkel Collection, Bergen
Selected Bibliography (reviews & publications)
2017 Upcoming : Flimmer Film, “Return of A view” Documentary Film about TStray Cityscape Project
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BBC news coverage with selected artists.
Norwegian Broadcasting Television , interview by Manahatta Film at the 91st Fl Studio,WTC
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