“Among Friends/Entre Amigos “
Selfie, watercolor & solluble pencil NY 2019

“Among Friends/Entre Amigos “

I am included in this show & art benefit event that opens in New York today! A great chance to get some art on paper for $250 and actually zip (!) them together.

“Inspired by the Robert Rauschenberg artwork “Hiccups,” AMONG FRIENDS reflects and responds to the strength and illumination we find through art, friendship and community.” Thanks to Alexandra Rutsch Brock & Patricia Fabricant & Beth Dary and the community for putting this event and show together. The show will consist of over 200 pieces of 9 x 7” paper, each worked on by a different artist, zipped together into one continuous, exuberant piece.

“Among Friends/Entre Amigos “
May 3-5 and May 8-12 – Hours: 12 to 7 pm.
Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center,
107 Suffolk Street

All priced at $250 with 10% going to The Clemente and 10% to the LES Girls Club