2020Bergens Tidende / btmagasinet
2019Blue lights in my veins, Review by Tommy Olsson, Klassekampen
2019Flimmer Film, “Return of A View” documentary about T.Stray, directed by  Eivind Tolaas.
2018KUNSTforum,”Eirik Storesund, “Etter Ginnungagap” 
 True Vue / New York Metamorphosis by Lisa Conte, Head of Conservation. 
 Bergens Tidende/ Kultur / Torild Stray captured the view from the Twin Towers before they fell. Now the story will become a documentary film. 
 Aftenposten / Kultur / Strays artwork is becoming part of the National Memorial by Christina Pletten 
 Untapped Cities / Charcoal Drawing of WTC North Tower Vantage Point now on display at 9/11 Memorial Museum by Alyssa Ciardi 
 9/11 Memorial & Museum / New on View : Torild Strays new York Metamorphosis The Memo Blog 
 Ny tid / An example of the priceless value of the freedom of expression in art by Elen Lande 
 Dagsavisen / Art is going home to World Trade Centre by Ida Madsen 
 OS & Fusaposten / From New York to Oseana by Liv Berit Kallekleiv
 NRK Radio / National Radio Broadcast
 BA / Bergensavisen / Norwegian Art to september 11 Museum in New York
 NRK / This Artwork was conceived in the Twin Towers – now it is coming back, by Per Vidar Raunholm and Lene Granli    
2015BA / Bergensavisen / Stray exhibits in Bergen & New York by Ørjan Nilsson.
2015BA / Bergensavisen / Kultur
2011Norwegian Broadcasting Television News, Interview with Torild Stray from New York the day after the terror attach on September 11th.  
2008Byavisen/Citypaper, Stray paints humans with raw energy by Silje Stavrum, Norevik.
2006Catalog text by philosopher Knut Kolnar. Contemplation:1. An Apocalyptic Landscape 2. Earthwoman – Bombyx. 
 Bergens Tidende / From a loft in Brooklyn and back to the roots by Ole M. Orset  
 Bergens Tidende / Kultur / Review Bergens Tidende, Norway, Paintings with depth and soulful imagery by Oystein Hauge
2004Amazon / Site Matters, book published by Lower Manhattan Cultural Council’s World Trade Center Artists Residency, 1997-2001.
2003Norwegian Public Radio, P2 Radio, Oslo, directed by Tonje Aursland: Art in NYC post 9/11.
 Bergens Tidende / From New York with Drawing Marathon by Elisabeth Langeland Matre 
2002Review, NY Arts Magazine, Where is (intimate) painting today? by Robert C. Morgan.
2001Review, www.artcritical.com, Real Presences by Jack Ireland.
 Dagbladet / Review, Dagbladet, Oslo, October 2, 1998: Dystopia and Dance of Death by Harald Flor
1998The New York Times / New York Times, April 30, 1998: Port Authority Opens Trade Center to Select Painters, by Jan Hoffman.
 National Public Radio, NPR Morning Edition, May 1998: Artists’ Lofty Lofts by Margot Adler BBC news coverage with selected artists.
 Norwegian Broadcasting Television, interview by Manahatta Film at the 91st Floor Studio, World Trade Center.
 Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, World Views, an artist-in-residence program in the World Trade Centre.

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